Put Those Vacation Savings Towards a Good Cause!

Because we keep costs and expenditures to the bare minimum, foregoing such amenities as solid walls, raised beds, and sheets that need washing, guests at #TrumpHotels are charged absolutely nothing for their stay. Even better, we make every effort to ensure that when our guests leave, they return to a home where those savings will go much further than they would here.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t have suggestions for where all those savings can be spent wisely. Here are three of our favorites:

First, not everyone who stays in a #TrumpHotel has a home to return to. The Georgia Asylum and Immigration Network provides free legal services to victims of crime and persecution, aiding those who love the opportunity and promise of America so much, they still want to stay even after they’ve experienced a #TrumpHotel in person.

Second, some people never have the chance to stay in a #TrumpHotel, but that means they also don’t reap all the benefits of the zero-cost accommodations we offer. World Relief Atlanta offers assistance to refugees, including resettlement services, employment services, and legal aid to help them gain permanent residency or U.S. citizenship.

Finally, not everyone is fortunate enough to visit America at all, much less experience the accommodations of a #TrumpHotel firsthand. And sadly, their living conditions can make our facilities look like the sort of elite and pompous vacation resorts that a self-important millionaire or billionaire would put his name on the side of in giant letters. The mere act of sleeping can expose you to terrible disease.

The Against Malaria Foundation not only improves these peoples’ lives through the simple act of providing bed nets, but it contributes 100% of every donated dollar to purchasing and distributing those nets. There may be no charity where each dollar given does more concrete good in the world than the AMF. And while #TrumpHotels may not believe in bedsheets or privacy or family togetherness, even we believe in keeping children from contracting malaria while they sleep.


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