We’ve Been Profiled By Hotel Magazine!

While #TrumpHotels.org has been profiled by publications ranging from Newsweek to Business Insider, as a resort serving some of the weariest travelers in the world, it is a particular point of pride that we have been spotlighted by and are currently featured on the front page of New Zealand’s Hotel Magazine

The “prank” to which the headline refers is that it appears there is a series of luxury hotels featured at a similar URL, whose owner is an ignorant, intemperate, foolish, gullible, intellectually incurious, pathologically dishonest conspiracy theorist and reality TV game show personality who is, wholly inexplicably, also the President of the United States.

Admittedly, that is quite a prank that has been pulled on the American people.


https://twitter.com/lorencollins https://gizmodo.com/that-trump-hotel-parody-site-was-made-by-a-conservative-1827137250